The Widener Experience… and A Little Extra Too!

As many of you make your final decision on what university to attend for the next four years,  you may want to consider a few things first.  Now before I go into this long spiel about your experience and everything a university should mean to you as you make your decision, I want you to understand that this is just my experience that I went through during my four years in college.

Okay, so the first question you may have asked yourself was “Do I want to go far from home, or do I want to stay a reasonably close distance to home?”  This is a great question, for me I decided initially that I wanted to leave the terrible weather of the east coast and head out to the west coast, where the sun shines and the weather is a little more predictable.  I spent my first year out west, realizing that it just wasn’t for me. I found myself among some 66,000 students, with more then three quarters of them from the west coast and just way to laid back.  For those of you who have never taken a trip out west, the people are lets say… ‘easy going’.  I say easy going because lunch would last for as long as an hour and a half to two hours everyday.  Us northeastern folk are a more on the go, compared to the people out west.  Not that being laid back is bad, or always being on the go is good, its just that I wasn’t used to it and well frankly it felt like I was on vacation!

So after my 8 month vacation out west, I decided that it was definitely time to come back home.  I live 45 minutes from Widener and I love it.  After being away from your family for 8 months, you realize that its just not the same without them. At Widener I get to see my family when ever I want, and just feel at home here. The location of Widener is great too.  Just 15 minutes south of Philadelphia, you can run into the city for some great food, or decide to catch a game at one of the stadiums, depending on the time of year, and how terrible the Eagles are doing. “Laugh, Laugh!”   I guess what I am really trying to get at is that after making my decision to come home, and after deciding that Widener was the right fit for me, I had the best 3 years of my life.  I got the chance to play the sport I loved, Lacrosse. Meet so friends that I know I will keep for years to come. And I even managed to get a great education that I am proud of!  It doesn’t take 66,000 people to make an experience stand out, its that family like feel that Widener has and the group of awesome people you will soon call friends to make an experience last your lifetime!


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