Spring Break, Lacrosse and Senior Year!

Hello everyone, I know I know it has been some time since my last update. With school, lacrosse, and my internship I hardly find time to get on the internet.  I know for most of you high school seniors you are really starting to experience the illness that burdens all seniors whether your in high school or college, Senioritis!!! I must say that I did once encounter this such illness in high school, and all I wanted to do was be done with school.  Well I can now say that I am experiencing the total opposite.  I love college and over my time here at Widener, I have grown as a student, not only in the classroom but with everything I do.

I seem to have a greater awareness for everything around me and how it relates to life.  Whether I am in the classroom working on my senior research project, in the admissions office cooking up new ideas and learning from the pros, or in a drill at lacrosse practice I have found this new sense of life around me, and how much I am learning day in and day out.  I think that Widener really makes that a key goal for all of their students and with all the activities, clubs, and teams they offer there really is something for everyone to grow.  After all college is not only a time to learn, it’s also a time for growth into a full fledged adult!

Okay, well enough of the soft and gushy stuff, “tear tear”, lets talk lax!  We are in the full swing of things for the season and wow this season has gone by fast!  I mean it’s already march, are you kidding me?  I still remember getting back from winter break thinking, “This is going to be a rough preseason.”  We had our first three games over a three week period and we had the hardest schedule in DIII lacrosse, playing Stevenson, and Salisbury back to back.  We started off a little slow against Stevenson but since then we have been making leaps toward the meat of the season.  Losing by two goals to Salisbury and stomping on local rival Swarthmore, I really see the guys messing well!  Over my three years on the team I never saw our team work together as well as these bunch of guys do.  I really think that this team unity can carry us through the year and into MAC Conference play, where we are picked to take the conference championship.

Widener Pride taking on top ranked Stevenson

Don’t forget to check back for some more updates coming soon.  GO PRIDE!!!!


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