The Week of Snow!

Hey guys, last week was a great week! Whether you like snow or not the fact that we had off two days in a row because of 24 inches of snow was pretty darn relaxing. Even though we were snowed in, it didn’t stop us from having a little fun.  The first day it snowed my roommates and I set out to make an awesome igloo in front of our dorm. This thing made some heads turn last week let me tell ya! So much so that the next day we saw almost every dorm on campus with some form of an igloo in front of it.  Aside from igloo’s, the night it snowed a few people sent out a Facebook invitation for a campus-wide snowball fight in the middle of the old main annex field.  This thing was massive!  All in good fun, everyone was bundled and ready for war. I also heard that there were a bunch of snowboarders taking in the snow all across campus and they made a video of it all.  I will see if I can find that and I will post it shortly.

Two students walking back from the Wellness Center on our snow day off.

It seems like the snow has encompassed the entire Widener community.  From the two days off from classes to the 10 days that the lacrosse team has been indoors practicing.  We have about 18 inches of snow still left on the field so we have been working out and practicing inside the field house.  We have all been working really hard this week as a team and rightfully so, we have our first game of the season against number 2 ranked Stevenson.  The last time we meet up with Stevenson was last year and we fell short by one goal.  Our team really matches up well against them, so well have to see how prepared we are after this long stint inside.  I know a lot of guys just can’t wait to get outside and I sure am one of them!  Well check back sometime early next week to hear about how the men’s lax team did, and more on the life of a senior college student athlete.


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