Widener Day Weekend

Hello everyone,  Well its friday and I’m just putting an end of the week post up before the weekend starts.  The first week of lax practice is almost over.  We have one more practice tomorrow morning but Coach Lockard said we would have an inter-squad scrimmage because of such an awesome first week we had. I’m looking forward to the scrimmage, but right now its hard to look forward to anything outside because of the FREEEZING weather! I guess you could say I am a summer person that loves warm weather.

Anyway, I was up at the admissions office today, (friday, the day before Widener Day) and this place is going crazy just getting everything ready for well you guys, the Prospective WIDENER CLASS OF 2014.

Now this is my little segment that I am going to put my advertising and promotions skills to work.  As you might know I am an Advertising and Public Relations major with a Minor in Journalism here at Widener. For many of you, you may thing that advertising is in the business school, but nay, in-fact it is in the Communication Studies Department located in Lathem Hall.  Down in Lathem, if you get a chance to check it out, is a state of the art computer graphics lab, complete with over 15 brand new Apple MAC PRO computers.  This lab will allow you to become a leading graphics designer all the way to James Cameron, shooting the next Avatar film. For more information ask your tour guide!

Just a few really nice computers... thats all!

On a lighter note, my girlfriend who recently graduated a semester early from Widener is coming up to hang out over the weekend.  We are going to have a great weekend, because when ever she is around we have a great time together, that and she gives me a break away from the guys!  Now don’t get me wrong, the fact that I live with 5 guys (not the burger place) makes my life never have a dull moment but it’s nice to just get away. If you asked them they would say the same thing about me… it’s a mutual relationship!!

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and say warm!  Check back mid-week next week for my weekly update. Later on


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