Well, it’s Sunday night 2 weeks into the Spring semester of my senior year. Tomorrow is the first day of the last college lacrosse season I will ever play. All the guys and I are sitting around relaxing after a tough off-season of training. Were all just sitting around enjoying this last free night before the season is up and in full swing. I live in Metro Hall on campus with 4 other lacrosse guys and one non lacrosse guy. We live in a 6 person suite here in Metro and its our 4th semester living together. The metro life is really great because of all the freedom (full kitchen for making whatever you want!) but still having the feeling of living on campus and rolling out of bed 10 minutes before your first class and getting there with 3 minutes to spare.

Couple Laxers hanging out in the common room

Classes started over two weeks ago, and with everyone relaxed and energized from the 4 weeks of winter break the campus is back to hustle bustle of college kids everywhere. My last semester at Widener consists of 5 classes, all that start after 10 in the morning so it’s great to sleep in everyday. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I use those mornings to get an early workout in to just start my day.

This week my daily schedule will be way crazy compared to the last two weeks mainly because of practice but also because I am starting my senior internship where I get to branch out and see how the really world works! I have class from 10- 12:50 with a short break for lunch in there somewhere. I then head off to my internship from 1-3 where I a learning the skill of campus admissions and the marketing components each and every school uses to try and get well….YOU to their university. Once 3 o’clock hits my mind switches from classwork solely into lacrosse mode.

Makin' moves on the lacrosse field!

Practice will start at 4 on the dot and usually ends around 6.(I really am looking forward to this season because well its my senior year and lacrosse gives me such a release from the hustle bustle of the outside world. After practice the lax guys and I either head to the cafe for dinner or come back to Metro to make something for ourselves. Between Call of Duty, and watching some movies I seem to find time to study and work out school work. (I am an honor student so I do use my noodle) That’s about what a standard day will be like for the next few months and I hope you check back from time to time!


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