The Widener Experience… and A Little Extra Too!

April 9, 2010

As many of you make your final decision on what university to attend for the next four years,  you may want to consider a few things first.  Now before I go into this long spiel about your experience and everything a university should mean to you as you make your decision, I want you to understand that this is just my experience that I went through during my four years in college.

Okay, so the first question you may have asked yourself was “Do I want to go far from home, or do I want to stay a reasonably close distance to home?”  This is a great question, for me I decided initially that I wanted to leave the terrible weather of the east coast and head out to the west coast, where the sun shines and the weather is a little more predictable.  I spent my first year out west, realizing that it just wasn’t for me. I found myself among some 66,000 students, with more then three quarters of them from the west coast and just way to laid back.  For those of you who have never taken a trip out west, the people are lets say… ‘easy going’.  I say easy going because lunch would last for as long as an hour and a half to two hours everyday.  Us northeastern folk are a more on the go, compared to the people out west.  Not that being laid back is bad, or always being on the go is good, its just that I wasn’t used to it and well frankly it felt like I was on vacation!

So after my 8 month vacation out west, I decided that it was definitely time to come back home.  I live 45 minutes from Widener and I love it.  After being away from your family for 8 months, you realize that its just not the same without them. At Widener I get to see my family when ever I want, and just feel at home here. The location of Widener is great too.  Just 15 minutes south of Philadelphia, you can run into the city for some great food, or decide to catch a game at one of the stadiums, depending on the time of year, and how terrible the Eagles are doing. “Laugh, Laugh!”   I guess what I am really trying to get at is that after making my decision to come home, and after deciding that Widener was the right fit for me, I had the best 3 years of my life.  I got the chance to play the sport I loved, Lacrosse. Meet so friends that I know I will keep for years to come. And I even managed to get a great education that I am proud of!  It doesn’t take 66,000 people to make an experience stand out, its that family like feel that Widener has and the group of awesome people you will soon call friends to make an experience last your lifetime!


Spring Break, Lacrosse and Senior Year!

March 15, 2010

Hello everyone, I know I know it has been some time since my last update. With school, lacrosse, and my internship I hardly find time to get on the internet.  I know for most of you high school seniors you are really starting to experience the illness that burdens all seniors whether your in high school or college, Senioritis!!! I must say that I did once encounter this such illness in high school, and all I wanted to do was be done with school.  Well I can now say that I am experiencing the total opposite.  I love college and over my time here at Widener, I have grown as a student, not only in the classroom but with everything I do.

I seem to have a greater awareness for everything around me and how it relates to life.  Whether I am in the classroom working on my senior research project, in the admissions office cooking up new ideas and learning from the pros, or in a drill at lacrosse practice I have found this new sense of life around me, and how much I am learning day in and day out.  I think that Widener really makes that a key goal for all of their students and with all the activities, clubs, and teams they offer there really is something for everyone to grow.  After all college is not only a time to learn, it’s also a time for growth into a full fledged adult!

Okay, well enough of the soft and gushy stuff, “tear tear”, lets talk lax!  We are in the full swing of things for the season and wow this season has gone by fast!  I mean it’s already march, are you kidding me?  I still remember getting back from winter break thinking, “This is going to be a rough preseason.”  We had our first three games over a three week period and we had the hardest schedule in DIII lacrosse, playing Stevenson, and Salisbury back to back.  We started off a little slow against Stevenson but since then we have been making leaps toward the meat of the season.  Losing by two goals to Salisbury and stomping on local rival Swarthmore, I really see the guys messing well!  Over my three years on the team I never saw our team work together as well as these bunch of guys do.  I really think that this team unity can carry us through the year and into MAC Conference play, where we are picked to take the conference championship.

Widener Pride taking on top ranked Stevenson

Don’t forget to check back for some more updates coming soon.  GO PRIDE!!!!

The Week of Snow!

February 18, 2010

Hey guys, last week was a great week! Whether you like snow or not the fact that we had off two days in a row because of 24 inches of snow was pretty darn relaxing. Even though we were snowed in, it didn’t stop us from having a little fun.  The first day it snowed my roommates and I set out to make an awesome igloo in front of our dorm. This thing made some heads turn last week let me tell ya! So much so that the next day we saw almost every dorm on campus with some form of an igloo in front of it.  Aside from igloo’s, the night it snowed a few people sent out a Facebook invitation for a campus-wide snowball fight in the middle of the old main annex field.  This thing was massive!  All in good fun, everyone was bundled and ready for war. I also heard that there were a bunch of snowboarders taking in the snow all across campus and they made a video of it all.  I will see if I can find that and I will post it shortly.

Two students walking back from the Wellness Center on our snow day off.

It seems like the snow has encompassed the entire Widener community.  From the two days off from classes to the 10 days that the lacrosse team has been indoors practicing.  We have about 18 inches of snow still left on the field so we have been working out and practicing inside the field house.  We have all been working really hard this week as a team and rightfully so, we have our first game of the season against number 2 ranked Stevenson.  The last time we meet up with Stevenson was last year and we fell short by one goal.  Our team really matches up well against them, so well have to see how prepared we are after this long stint inside.  I know a lot of guys just can’t wait to get outside and I sure am one of them!  Well check back sometime early next week to hear about how the men’s lax team did, and more on the life of a senior college student athlete.

February 5, 2010

It’s Your Call!
Who Will Take It All?

Widener Day Weekend

January 29, 2010

Hello everyone,  Well its friday and I’m just putting an end of the week post up before the weekend starts.  The first week of lax practice is almost over.  We have one more practice tomorrow morning but Coach Lockard said we would have an inter-squad scrimmage because of such an awesome first week we had. I’m looking forward to the scrimmage, but right now its hard to look forward to anything outside because of the FREEEZING weather! I guess you could say I am a summer person that loves warm weather.

Anyway, I was up at the admissions office today, (friday, the day before Widener Day) and this place is going crazy just getting everything ready for well you guys, the Prospective WIDENER CLASS OF 2014.

Now this is my little segment that I am going to put my advertising and promotions skills to work.  As you might know I am an Advertising and Public Relations major with a Minor in Journalism here at Widener. For many of you, you may thing that advertising is in the business school, but nay, in-fact it is in the Communication Studies Department located in Lathem Hall.  Down in Lathem, if you get a chance to check it out, is a state of the art computer graphics lab, complete with over 15 brand new Apple MAC PRO computers.  This lab will allow you to become a leading graphics designer all the way to James Cameron, shooting the next Avatar film. For more information ask your tour guide!

Just a few really nice computers... thats all!

On a lighter note, my girlfriend who recently graduated a semester early from Widener is coming up to hang out over the weekend.  We are going to have a great weekend, because when ever she is around we have a great time together, that and she gives me a break away from the guys!  Now don’t get me wrong, the fact that I live with 5 guys (not the burger place) makes my life never have a dull moment but it’s nice to just get away. If you asked them they would say the same thing about me… it’s a mutual relationship!!

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and say warm!  Check back mid-week next week for my weekly update. Later on

January 25, 2010

Well, it’s Sunday night 2 weeks into the Spring semester of my senior year. Tomorrow is the first day of the last college lacrosse season I will ever play. All the guys and I are sitting around relaxing after a tough off-season of training. Were all just sitting around enjoying this last free night before the season is up and in full swing. I live in Metro Hall on campus with 4 other lacrosse guys and one non lacrosse guy. We live in a 6 person suite here in Metro and its our 4th semester living together. The metro life is really great because of all the freedom (full kitchen for making whatever you want!) but still having the feeling of living on campus and rolling out of bed 10 minutes before your first class and getting there with 3 minutes to spare.

Couple Laxers hanging out in the common room

Classes started over two weeks ago, and with everyone relaxed and energized from the 4 weeks of winter break the campus is back to hustle bustle of college kids everywhere. My last semester at Widener consists of 5 classes, all that start after 10 in the morning so it’s great to sleep in everyday. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I use those mornings to get an early workout in to just start my day.

This week my daily schedule will be way crazy compared to the last two weeks mainly because of practice but also because I am starting my senior internship where I get to branch out and see how the really world works! I have class from 10- 12:50 with a short break for lunch in there somewhere. I then head off to my internship from 1-3 where I a learning the skill of campus admissions and the marketing components each and every school uses to try and get well….YOU to their university. Once 3 o’clock hits my mind switches from classwork solely into lacrosse mode.

Makin' moves on the lacrosse field!

Practice will start at 4 on the dot and usually ends around 6.(I really am looking forward to this season because well its my senior year and lacrosse gives me such a release from the hustle bustle of the outside world. After practice the lax guys and I either head to the cafe for dinner or come back to Metro to make something for ourselves. Between Call of Duty, and watching some movies I seem to find time to study and work out school work. (I am an honor student so I do use my noodle) That’s about what a standard day will be like for the next few months and I hope you check back from time to time!